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Why Are We Still Doing This? (Custom Account Icons Part 4)

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Now this one right here is not even close.  the last few custom icons we have posted have at least been decently drawn/enhanced and even some what funny/creepy.  This is just not cutting it at all.  Come on guys, don’t just use MS Paint to make a set of nuts with with a hat and Jew curls; put some production value into please.  That way when your icon gets banned you will at least have something to show for it.

Weirdo Loves The Letter “F”, As In wt”F”??

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Dear Nomes and other crew members:

Although you guys are unaware of this but there are roughly 3% of people in the world that are name cautious. I initially came to HON from LOL because you guys had more heroes starting from the letter ‘F’. At that time it was only Fayde and Forsaken Archer. They only have Fiddlesticks.

When I played HON for a little bit, I fell in love with this game. And although I had been requesting LOL to name their upcoming ‘champion’ by F. They did not take me seriously. It has been over 2 years and there is still only Fiddlesticks (Ms. Fortune doesn’t count, her name is SARAH Fortune).

But you guys rock. You guys then came up with Flint Beastwood and now Flux. OMFG I love you guys so much.

So Nomes, now you know why I pushed for Fayde buff so hard. Coz the hero was unviable no doubt, but she was unviable whose name started from F.

Anyway keep up the good work. Always a fan.

PS: Can we beat the record (P is the most used I believe, S being a close second).