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Tony Danza Hates Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Today it was announced to the world.  Its on all the big gaming sites, in your email if you signed up on, on facebook, and I’m pretty sure that tonight there will be a neon message on the moon.  December 20th is the moment that any former WoW player that quit 5 years ago has been waiting for.  Now here is Tony Danza severing up the truth.

And it’s still going to suck. I can’t wait till a month after release when everyone looks back on this game and realizes how bad it is, and regret not listening to the people who warned them.

Truly, truly 29:30.

Some nerd responded with that he’s in the beta and it’s a lot of fun.

Keep lying to yourself bro. I can’t wait till this turns into Warhammer 2.0 just so I can laugh

Another nerd says how can he say someone is lying to themselves about their enjoyment

I actually think you’re just in denial, and aren’t even in the beta, and are just pretending to be to get positive hype for the game. It’s not uncommon in the MMO world. Like I said, no doubt 1-2 months after release you’ll regret wasting your money too.

Some trashcan noob says he played the game to level 8 and it was badass

Know what else was really fun till level 8? Aion. Actually, Aion was reaaaaaally fun till level 20 when you had to start grinding. That’s how they trick you, the earliest parts in MMO’s are always the best. Every. MMO. Ever.

Another trashcan noob says it will be as good as KOTOR and he gets spolierblasted

Seriously kid, it’s at least gonna be as good as KotoR…


You know they kill Revan and HK off in a leveling dungoen right? Just thought I’d let you know that, if you’re a fan of KOTOR.

And to wrap it up

What’s even greater is, with one post, I’ve attracted a legion of the Bioware Defense Force. I refreshed Kotaku after an hour and had 16 new replies. I can’t wait till January, just so I can laugh at them all. I should write all these names down and contact them in Feb to see if they’re still playing, but I’m too lazy.

Fucking Shapap’d


Not Enough Bosses=Slap in the Face

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I believe at the last blizzcon it was said that their goal was to start releasing two raid zones per tier. And yet for this expansion out of the three tiers we only got that once.

T11 had 14 bosses! That is the perfect amount. T12 had half of that, really? And now T13 is going to have 8, only 7 bosses though.

This seems like a slap in the face to the players. WoTLK we had tons of bosses in all raids except ToC. In BC every tier except Sunwell (which was really just an extension of T6) had a minimum of 11 bosses.

What gives? It seems this is how wow is going to be from now on. Takes them the same amount of time to release new tiers and yet they are essentially cut in half. It wouldn’t  be such a slap in the face if they were at least releasing content at the same pace as they did in Vanilla. MC and BWL both didn’t have as many bosses per tier as any of the tiers in BC, and yet BWL was released faster than most after MC.

This is a give and take situation, if you are going to keep giving us 7-8 boss tiers they need to come out at the 5 month mark AT THE LATEST.

If you are going to take 8+ months to give us new tiers then they should have a minimum of 11 bosses. Just because you are at the top of the summit doesn’t mean you can coast.

I See Your 1200 PSR Noob and Raise You…

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A few days ago we had a post from a 1200 PSR player complaining how his games were never balanced.  Part of me feels like these are just trolls at this point but this next one took a lot of dedication if he his trolling.

i dont see why every fukin game i get i always get fukin scrubs with kd of 20 while the other team has stack kd of 1.0 and up how is this fair? you have abunch of noobs on 1 team and a bunch of decent players on the other? thats not match makeing or even balance that just isnt fair at all and yes im

Ragers and Redshirts, I present you the stat sheet of our ProdicalSun.

Now for some commentary.  First, we have the marijuana leaf, he has to be good with bold statement for his love of being worthless in his account icon.  Next, I like the 7% leave that is the only way to deal with playing with noobs all the time.  One of the most obvious and why I am writing this; the 701 PSR.  Now, like I said, this is either a dedicated troll or a real pro we got here.  Probably one of the most surprising is his wards placed.  He is just under half a ward per game on average, which is pretty impressive.  It also shows that hes always willing to try hard to get that win, that is why it is not his fault.  Lastly, the most surprising stat in my opinion, is the APM.  APM stands for actions per minute and 58 is remarkably low.  Usually you do not see under 100 but this guy must really afk farm a lot.  Clearly he is just trying to carry his team.

Beat that one PK.

How WJE Treats Women

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WJE: “Yvonne was mad. Lol”

Me: “ya she called you an old man”

WJE: “dumb bitch gonna die”

Me: “wow bro chill out”

WJE: “Nah bro watch the news ‘Canadian girl found dismembered with 7 stds'”

Me: “Lol”