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Slapped In The Face: SWTOR

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Ok, we’re about a week in to release and the QQ is really starting to flow.

Meet EclipseUn. He’s very disappointed the game is what Bioware has said it was going to be for the last 4 years.

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I’ve waited for this game for so long and have followed it since the day it was announced. Id have dreams about what the game would be like and made plans for what my character’s name would be and stuff well before we even had a video. Many years later finally my dream game comes out and I feel like I’ve been SLAPPED IN THE *********** FACE

Don’t get me wrong; this game just got released, and has many awesome points(as well as fail points)

  1. Instancing
    Seriously, What the hell is up with this? I recall them saying instancing was only for launch and on origin worlds but you can go DAYS without seeing another player.
  2. Lack of chat bubble option
    They are needed for many reasons; such as being able to see who is saying what easily; You really screwed RP players with that. Its awkward RPing or chating with a group of people you’re standing around; this makes /say & /yell useless. There are many threads on this matter so I don’t need to explain why chat bubbles are vital without dragging on
  3. Not being able to explore
    I know this isn’t a sandbox but isn’t WoW a theme park also? I certainly never felt confined in WoW, but in SWTOR it literially like all you can do is go forward and back. It’s like playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game or The Force Unleashed; It’s basically “If you wanna progress GO FORWARD!! if you want to go back to something then press the down arrow key =D!!”
  4. The First ‘M’ in MMORPG
    Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. SWTOR is more like KOTOR with an online function. I’ve seen Nintendo DS games with the same functions as this- You need help during your game? Go online using wifi and get help! Games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon utilize features like having help during your story line quest; and they certainly aren’t MMORPGs
  5. Freedom
    Need I say more? We are on a set path that BioWare set up for us to complete the game so we can reroll and shut up for 1600+ hours
  6. Heroic and Flash Points are pure win and EPIC
    Just wish it was possible to find a group to do them. Finding a group in this instanced game is a task and many more would agree. This is a very anti-social and desolate universe I see? It makes you want to spam General Chat until someone even answers(If you’re lucky enough to be on a planet with people)

Excuse me for any typos I may have made, and no I don’t hate the game- It just has so much potential and can be AMAZING if only a few tweaks were made.

This game is a like a child who has the potential to get straight A’s in school but refuses to due to whatever reason.

And to all the “Don’t play the game than no one is forcing you“; Yes I am being forced to play-Mentally at least; Why & How? Because I paid for the game, Waited years for this game, bought a new rig for this game, If I simply rage and quit i’ll be the loser in the end; Plus the game is actually GREAT; these missing features just PISS me off because again this game has so much potential.

Not Enough Bosses=Slap in the Face

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I believe at the last blizzcon it was said that their goal was to start releasing two raid zones per tier. And yet for this expansion out of the three tiers we only got that once.

T11 had 14 bosses! That is the perfect amount. T12 had half of that, really? And now T13 is going to have 8, only 7 bosses though.

This seems like a slap in the face to the players. WoTLK we had tons of bosses in all raids except ToC. In BC every tier except Sunwell (which was really just an extension of T6) had a minimum of 11 bosses.

What gives? It seems this is how wow is going to be from now on. Takes them the same amount of time to release new tiers and yet they are essentially cut in half. It wouldn’t  be such a slap in the face if they were at least releasing content at the same pace as they did in Vanilla. MC and BWL both didn’t have as many bosses per tier as any of the tiers in BC, and yet BWL was released faster than most after MC.

This is a give and take situation, if you are going to keep giving us 7-8 boss tiers they need to come out at the 5 month mark AT THE LATEST.

If you are going to take 8+ months to give us new tiers then they should have a minimum of 11 bosses. Just because you are at the top of the summit doesn’t mean you can coast.

The Face Slapping Has Begun

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Post 1

Here is 2000 coins for free everyone

blacksmith limited gold, 1800 coins,

everyone buys it with the 2000 they got,

ok everyone blacksmith is now free.


im seriously ****ing fumed at this, I could have used those 1800 coins for all the half price avatars on sale today, instead you bend me over and **** me in the ass,

**** you when dota 2 comes out, this was last straw.

it was all a big plan, to make it seem like they were really trying to win us back as theyre customers. NOPE,

if they really ****in cared they should refund everyone the 1800 coins they spent before the free ign thing.

Post 2

the leprechaun was limited edition,

this I bought it because I didnt want it to go away.

how is making something expensive, and limited,

then releasing it for free not a slap in the face?