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How to Spend $175

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Hater comes in and runs his mouth telling Jay Wilson what he should do with his money:

you know what else you could have done for 175$
Taken GF out
Rock Climbing
Sky Diving
Hosted a giant Lan Tournament
ALOT of movies
White Water Rafting
Road trip
Went to a boadway show
rent a limo
Invested it in either, TFSA, RRSP, Mutual Fund,Stock GIC
Buy 6 games from the steam summer sale

But i guess getting a virtual item for a game you already payed for with no real monetary value is good too.

PS. I Challege all other posters to keep this list going by adding to it

Not a bad dumpster attempt but this guy is messing with a man at the top.  A man that can blow $175 on a virtual(read fake) asset.  He comes in and destroys what this poor boy would spend his disposable income on:

Um lets see.

I hate my girlfriend because she gets in the way of my D3
Paintball hurts
Rock climbing can get you killed
Sky diving is not 175$
LAN tournies are for outdated games with no DRM
Movies are free
Hookers are illegal
Parties are for losers
There are no white river rapids in CT.
Road Trips cost too much gas
Concerts are for 14 year olds
Broadway is for gay people.
Limos… also for gay people
Steam games are trash, which is why they sell for 3$

As you can see…real men use the RMAH

Parenting: HoN Style

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William Johnston was on this Earth for only one month. Andrew Keith Johnston, for 19 years. And he’ll be spending the next 27 in a Tennessee prison, whose population generally doesn’t look favorably upon child killers.

Andrew Johnston, of Normandy, Tenn., pleaded guilty on Monday and was sentenced on Thursday. In October 2010, he was playing video games when his newborn son began crying in his bassinett. Johnston told a judge that he went over to the baby, grabbed him, and shook him by his two legs, reports The Shelbyville (Tenn.) Times-Gazette.

The infant’s mother had left to go to the store. She was gone for only 10 minutes. Discovering the baby was unresponsive and suffering from hypothermia (Johnston had tried to revive him in a cold shower), she called 911; on Oct. 22, in Nashville, William Johnston was taken from life support and died.

It’s a hell of a thing when you admit guilt and still go down for 27 years. Pleading guilty probably is the only thing that spared Johnston from life in prison. Two lives, one ended, one ruined in one angry instant. Chilling.

Young Maelstrom Creationism Advocate Goes Big

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Hey PK, I found your new red shirt kid to send to Blizzcon after they announce Diablo 3 was delayed again.  Come at me.

Okay, so far WoW lore fans have taken it for granted that the Maelstrom, the gigantic rift at the center of the Great Sea, was formed when the Well of Eternity collapsed into itself during the Great Sundering about 10000 years before WoW’s timeline, at the end of the War of the Ancients.

This could not be further from the truth as I will show.

I call myself a Young Maelstrom Creationism Advocate (YMCA), I am an expert on WoW lore, and I believe that the Maelstrom was created by Deathwing around 5 or 6 months ago in WoW’s timeline, when the Cataclysm began NOT hundreds and THOUSANDS of years ago. Before that it did not exist in Warcraft lore. But when Deathwing decided to break out of Deepholm (which is literally at the center of Azeroth contrary to what Elemental Plane theorists say, it’s not in the Twisting Nether, it is merely cloaked by a magical layer beneath Azeroth’s crust as can be seen in Deepholm’s ceiling) he created this rift by shattering the World Pillar into 3 fragments. Why 3? 3 is the number of perfection. If it had been more, Azeroth may have all crumbled.

When the World Pillar was damaged, all the ground above held by this Magical Pillar crumbled and so the Maelstrom was formed. Deathwing then used powerful incantations to break thru the infinite magical substance between Azeroth’s crust and Deepholm.

Aggra clearly states that the Maelstrom is a rift between Deepholm and Azeroth and that it threatens to destroy Azeroth. If it had been 10000 years old as War of the Ancients historians say, it would have destroyed Azeroth ages ago:

“We’re at the center of the Maelstrom, the rift between Deepholm and our world. Watch, as it threatens to tear our world apart.”

“Let us hope Thrall and the others can contain it while you’re inside.” – Aggra

So if it needs “containment” from the most powerful Shaman, why has it existed for 10000 years without harming Azeroth or the islands near it? The answer is quite simple, it is recently formed, created by an intelligence and as a deliberate act (by Deathwing) not by some random explosion. It is a known fact that the Well of Eternity never exploded, it still exists beneath the World Tree in Kalimdor.

Further evidence:

Vashj’ir is perfectly fine-tuned with sea life, plant life and beautiful underwater landscape. It is simply impossible to form from a random explosion.

Remember that Thrall on his way to Kalimdor the first time, he went to the center of the Great Sea… but he didn’t find some magical whirlpool created by random explosion. He found a troll island of the Darkspear. Perhaps that is linked in some way. Maybe the witch sunk it and Deathwing used the magical residue to sink it completely and cause a massive hole in Azeroth’s crust…

BTW, you know the rocks at the Maelstrom? They don’t look 10000 years old, they look very recent, like the explosion of the Cataclysm made them only recently.

Common War of the Ancientists’ objections:

1. It’s talked about in Warcraft 3. – “Maelstrom” is a broader term that can mean many other things, for example it can mean storm, there are also other smaller maelstroms in Azeroth.

2. Why doesn’t the water fall into Deepholm, it should be flooded – Water cannot pass thru the magical substances between Azeroth and Deepholm, only living beings attuned (and their armors) can. Water simply cannot, it just keeps spinning.

3. What happened to 80% of the landmass? It is likely that the landmass disappeared NOT from the Well exploding, but by some evil Burning Legion magic in the final battle or a Highbourne spell gone wrong.

4. Why was there a Maelstrom on vanilla WoW’s map then? Simple, Blizzard had it planned. Vanilla WoW is alpha Cataclysm, notice how the bosses are Ragnaros/Nefarian and there are Twilight cultists everywhere, especially in Silithus.

It’s a shame that wowwiki is so biased in favor of old Maelstrom and War of the Ancient version. They should present both sides of the controversy and let lore fans decide what they want to believe. And we all know Blizzard like to distort their own stories (so-called “retcons”).

Respect to Furrsparta, Fep’s agent and male lover, for the find.  Dramatic reading incoming.


This is a troll thread and he got a few people to lorerage at his “theories”.  Oh internet what would we do without you.

Guns ‘N Roses Reunion

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I know Axl reads this site because he is constantly raging out.  W. Axl Rose, please play one show to accept your award.  Its just one show…

At the very least will  you stage dive whoever nominated The Cure and then get in the ring with them.